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Breed dragons to protect your people and reclaim your homeland

Dragon Mania Legends is Gameloft's answer to dragon-breeding apps like Dragon City. Gameloft are masters of taking an idea and borrowing heavily from it, adding in their own high production values, which is true of Dragon Mania Legends.

Gotta breed 'em all

A casual game, Dragon Mania Legends puts you in charge of breeding and looking after dragons that can protect your homeland from attacking Vikings. You have to build suitable habitats for your dragons, depending on their type, such as Fire, Earth, Water and so on. With a pair of dragons, you can begin to breed different hybrids, and unlock new types. There are plenty of different dragons to keep you interested in the game.

When dragons are born, they are small and helpless. You have to train and feed them so they become big and strong. Doing this means you have to manage farms, which generate the food for your dragons.

Battles are a big part of Dragon Mania Legends. Combat in the game is like the classic turn-based RPG fight system. You choose a target, and the type of attack you hope will cause the most damage. Battles are tactical, requiring planning more than reactions. Battles require you to learn which dragons are the best for each enemy, and manage your skills and attacks well.

You can fight against the game, or go online and fight other users. Despite the many options and things to do in the game, Dragon Mania Legends is easy to learn and pretty simple.

Soulless dragons

Gameloft certainly brings a high-quality feel to Dragon Mania Legends, with good graphics, music and sound effects. However, the whole experience is a bit soulless. There are many resource management games out there, and Dragon Mania Legends' Pokemon-like battling is not original enough to stand out. There is nothing very innovative that makes the game special.

Fun, but no surprises

Dragon Mania Legends is an enjoyable casual game that will appeal to dragon fans, as well as fans of games like Clash of Clans. The problem is that we've seen it all before.


  • Tons of dragons to breed
  • Easy to learn and play


  • Little innovation
  • Lacks character and soul

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Dragon Mania Legends


Dragon Mania Legends 5.2.2a for Android

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